Financial Services

Tactable took on a key technology challenge for a leading digital asset exchange.

Tactable was brought on to architect and develop key functionality on Coinsquare's digital currency exchange platform via an Interac funding integration and workflow. In 60 days from briefing to launch, Tactable was able to go-live with the new feature on-time, on-budget and bug-free.

Following this successful first project, our team took on a number of additional work tracks, including: balance service enhancements, security and authentication, partner API, end-user application features (full stack), data ecosystem modernization - pipelines, warehousing, product analytics and business intelligence tooling as well as reporting.

Leveraging our experience working in capital markets and regulated industries, we were able to drive regulatory work tracks including: treasury management and reporting, broker dealer supervision reporting, books and records audit.


  • Full automation of Interac funding requests, decreasing costs and allowing for a team of back-office support staff to focus on higher-value activities
  • $80+ million in deposits to the platform using funding integration
  • Drastic improvement of customer experience, cutting account funding time down from hours to near-real-time
  • Two successful independent audits on new data ecosystem
  • Infrastructure and deployment speed and cost optimizations

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